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Sept. 10, 2013—Pam, hostess; Audrey, co-hostess
Program: Open Discussion on Growing Minis. Presenter: The Club. Also handing out of President’s Challenge plants to paid-up members.

Oct. 1, 2013—Joyce, hostess; Angela, co-hostess
Out-of-the Box, Janice
Program: DVD; Interviews with AVSA Commercial Vendors

Nov. 5, 2013—Debbie, hostess; Janice, co-hostess
Out-of-the Box, Pam
Program: Propagation, Repotting, Removing Suckers, and Shortening Long Necks. Presenter: Debbie

Dec. 3, 2013—Joyce, hostess; Trudy, co-hostess
Out-of-the Box: Angela
Program: The Secret to Growing Gesneriads (with a focus on Petrocosmeas); Presenters: Nancy, Gloria, et. al. Grab bag gift exchange (plant-related; cost not to exceed $10)

Jan. 7, 2014—Doreen, hostess; Catherine, co-hostess
Program: What violets perform consistently well for you? & Leaf Bingo (bring cut leaves for Bingo prizes); Presenters: The Club

Feb. 4, 2014— Doreen, hostess; Terri, co-hostess
Out-of-the Box: Trudy
Program: How to Create a Plant Arrangement (An Adventure in Design); Presenter: Nancy

Mar. 3, 2014— Jane, hostess; Donna, co-hostess
Out-of-the-Box, Doreen
Program: What’s New in Lighting? Presenter: Fran

April 1, 2014—Joyce, hostess; Angela, co-hostess
Out-of-the-Box, Angela
Program: Preparing for Show, Grooming, Show Business; Presenters: Nancy, miscellaneous contributors

May 6, 2014—Pam, hostess; Gloria, co-hostess
Out-of-the-Box, Trudy
Program: After Show Discussion

June 3, 2014—Debbie, hostess; Pot Luck, co-hostess
Program: Pot-luck dinner, Surprise Fun Activity for the Club